Provision custom domains at scale.

Enable multi-tenancy or white-labeling of your SaaS.

HostiFi manages 4000 custom domains with AppMasker

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AppMasker and HostiFi case study

Scaling custom domains is hard.

Here's just a few things you'll have to cover during your months-long refactor.

Domain / DNS

Configure another web-server to accept new domains and manage TLS certificates.

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UI Refactoring

Your UI needs to swap layouts, images, text, and other dynamic values for every client based off the hostname.

Cookies & CORS

API endpoints need to handle CORS securely. Cookie management can be a mess because of this.

Deployment and Automation

Minimizing manual onboarding effort is very complex for white-labeled / self-hosted apps.

AppMasker makes the hard stuff easy

HTTPS Everywhere

TLS certificates are managed automatically.

Flexible API

Provision new domains with a single API call.

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Highly Available

AppMasker is globally distributed and uses Anycast to run close to your users.

Avoid CORS

App Masker proxies requests from custom domains.

Change your app based off the domain

Vary images, http redirects, and custom JSON data based off of the domain.

Images and Files

Use the same url path for the same type of image or file for all clients. Upload your files to AppMasker or have us redirect to their hosted url. 

AppMasker Image replacement for service provider using same pathAppMasker Image replacement for some reseller using same path
Other Per-domain Data

Store any JSON data per client to configure your app, including styles, text, and more.

Appmasker before and after

How it works

1. You send a domain config

Send the domain name, the IP addresses that we'll point them to, as well as any redirects or custom tenant data.

AppMasker create domain payload
2. Your web app reads from AppMasker

Fetch dynamic data like names, images, styles, and more from AppMasker. We'll return content for the current client / domain.

How Appmasker works


Self-host for fine-tuned integration

Our white-glove services can get your enterprise leveraging AppMasker fast. Whatever your problem, we can solve it:

  • Custom feature implementation
  • Scalable pricing
  • Hands-on onboarding, integration, and training
  • Custom deployment strategies
  • Ongoing support
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Deploy per-client or across the globe

AppMasker consists of a central server that controls many reverse-proxy "nodes". Deploy a node for each tenant, or redundant nodes across the globe.

deploy appmasker with awsdeploy appmasker in google cloud platformdeploy appmasker in microsoft azuredeploy appmasker in digital ocean


All charges are made yearly pro-rata. Refunds are prorated.

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What clients say about us

CEO, Town

Our growth strategy involves white-labeling Town's marketplace platform with clients' domains, logos, and proprietary text. AppMasker made this incredibly simple.