appmasker enterprise

Scalable infrastructure for custom domains,
multi-tenancy & white-labelling.

What is AppMasker Enterprise?

AppMasker Enterprise is a deployable micro-service that orchestrates a fleet of highly configurable reverse-proxies. These proxies live at the edge of your network to enable custom domains (with TLS), DDoS protection, caching, and more. The proxies are deployed in 2 ways

  1. Redundantly across the globe (like a CDN)
  2. Per tenant server
appmasker network diagram

Simplify and scale

Flexible API

Programmatically provision custom domains and proxy instances.

Multi-tenancy at scale

Use redirects to replace customer logos and other files. Store config data per-tenant for personalization.

No refactoring

White-label your app without refactoring.

Upgrade your edge network

HTTPS Everywhere

TLS certificates are managed automatically.

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Highly Available

AppMasker can be globally distributed and use Anycast to run close to your users.

DDoS Protection

Rate-limiting, IP address filtering, and DDoS protection.


Optionally offer Caching for your clients.

Deployed your way

Deploy per-tenant or across the globe

Use your infrastructure, or have us manage it for you.

deploy appmasker with awsdeploy appmasker in google cloud platformdeploy appmasker in microsoft azuredeploy appmasker in digital ocean

Flexible for your use-case


Use AppMasker in your cloud provider for compliance and control.

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Custom feature development

Extend AppMasker to meet your needs.

Scalable pricing

Pay a rate that fits your business model. Annual and monthly contracts.

HostiFi manages 4000 custom domains with AppMasker

Read the case study 🔗

AppMasker and HostiFi case study

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