Caddy, Managed at Scale

Manage thousands of domains and deploy Caddy at scale.

Focus on your customers, not Caddy

No configurations

Each domain config is taken care of for you. Our UI makes management a breeze.

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Highly Available

AppMasker is globally distributed and uses Anycast to run close to your users.

DDoS Protection

Rate-limiting, IP address filtering, and DDoS protection.


Optionally offer Caching for your clients.

A simple UI for managing domains

appmasker domain management user interface

A powerful API for automation and scale

appmasker api user interface

Flexible for your use-case


Bring AppMasker on-prem for compliance and control.

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Custom deployment strategies

Deploy Caddy per-tenant, or globally like a CDN.

Scalable pricing

Pay a rate that fits your business model. Annual and monthly contracts.

Ready to scale?

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