February 3, 2022

How to Use a Custom Domain with Calendly for Free

appmasker custom domain for calendly

Why use a custom domain with Calendly?

You're likely here for at least one of the following reasons:

  • Branding 💅🏼: You want to own your brand and not link your clients / audience out to a 3rd party domain
  • Broken links đź”—đź’”: You're not married to Calendly and might switch down the road, which would render your booking links useless

With AppMasker, you can use your custom domain or subdomain and have it in place of Calendly's domain, like calendar.appmasker.com. Did we mention that you get to use two custom domains for free? Read on to get started!

1. Sign up for AppMasker

Click the button below to create an account, no card required.

2. Create DNS Records

Next, log into your DNS provider where you bought your domain that you'll use. Go to your domain's DNS settings and look for where you can add records. If you have existing records that match the following types, you'll want to replace them.


3. Use the helper link

Make sure you're logged into your AppMasker account in your browser, then click the button below.

4. Configure your domain

After clicking the link above, find the blue "Create A Domain Button" shown below.

appmasker dashboard ui

Then, enter the domain name you'd like to use in the "Custom Domain Name" field.

appmasker create a custom domain

Finally, scroll to the "Redirects" section and in the "To" field (circled below), enter "/" with your Calendly username.
For example, if my Calendly booking url is "https://calendly.com/john-doe/30min", I would enter "/john-doe" as seen below:

appmasker create redirects for custom domain

Click the bright blue "Create Domain" button at the bottom right when you're done.

Note! It can take up to 24 hours for your DNS records to propagate, so be patient!

That's it! Try visiting your domain and it should show the Calendly booking page!


You can create 2 of these domains for free with AppMasker.

While using a custom domain for Calendly is cool, AppMasker does much more than this. It's designed for businesses and enterprises that need to scale to thousands of custom domains and can act as the gateway to your network. We offer self-hosted solutions and managed solutions with features like caching, DDoS protection, and unique deployment strategies. Reach out to learn more! sales@appmasker.com

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